We present different services in various fields.

In the weddings we escort the bride and groom from the house till the wedding cake.

And of course the bride and groom’s wishes are more than welcome to form their own custom made wedding entertainment.

In the bride’s house zaffe we can provide either an arabic zaffeh featuring the Lebanese drum (table) and darbuka or a parade zaffeh featuring trumpet musician, to escort the groom’s family to the bride and dance along with all the guests and then we dance with the bride in front of her house again to walk her to her wedding car.

In the “zaffet bet”, there will be 6 to 8 people from tabla musicians, to dancers to even fire breathers.


After the bride leaves her house, it’s time for the ceremony.

We usually prefer classical themes either for the bride’s arrival or couple’s entry

Many entertainment shows can be done during the welcome drink. We would like to go for the calm,classic and royal mood from

human statues, living statues, human table, standing as models near a photo booth or the wedding venue entrance. Human ball (specially if there in a pool so that we can float on), Jugglers, Mimes, Unicycles, stilt walkers, Acrobats, Ribbon dancers, Ballet Dancers, walking and interacting with the guests to take pictures with them. Girls dancing on classical piano music inside the water basin, or serving drinks inside her glass.
Musicians can be very helpful during the welcome drink. From a classical violin musician, saxophonist or even the rare santure player for change. The Lebanese band can set a great mood while the guests are waiting to enter the dinner ballroom.

Many tableaux are created for the welcome drink to pass the long time when the guests are waiting the couple to arrive.

We strongly focus on a custom made wedding zaffe entrance resembeling the couple’s wedding style. It can be from Arabic traditional zaffa with the lebanese drums and darbuka and off course the lebanese dabke dance music, to a Parade zaffa with the music band and the percussionists, or even a mix between the two. There will be a minimum of 12 person between dancers and percussionists; the more the merrier.
The bride and groom can enter together or the groom can enter alone with his friends and the lebanese drummers and percussionists so that the groom will rejoin his bride after she enters alone or with our dancers so that the party songs starts with our wedding music band and our dancers, for the guests to dance with the couple.
A small image sample is in the gallery and all the details will be discussed upon meeting so that the zaffeh will be organized properly.

A first option before the first dance. If there is enough time between the bride and groom zaffe entrance and the first dance, in order to fill this gap there could be a small classical led show featuring led drums, led butterfly wings or pixel poi,and laser dances that requires very dim light that sets the mood before the first dance. Acrobats or aerial performers will be a good option so that he guests can simply sit back and watch while they are enjoying their dinner. Any show that is pleasant to watch and not to upbeat to dance after a good option during dinner. Ballet show, ribbon dance and all an option.
After the show is done we bring the couple to the dance floor at the end of our routine.

An other option after the first dance. In order for the evening to continue and let the party begin, specially after the calm slow dance music, sometimes it is a bit odd to start suddenly with the usual modern Arabic songs. That why we could bring back the traditional lebanese Dadke dance and Oriental belly dance to the dance floor and after our routines we invite the couple and their guest to the floor to dance with them.
Arabic musician like the darbuka show and the lebaneses drum are the best boost for the party to start hard.

Its already 12 o’clock and just like Cinderella changed theme, we will upgrade our theme to be riskier and sexier and more fun to entertain the young ones. For the wedding cake, the shows varies from :

Fire show: Fire hoops, fire barrels, fire breathers, fire poi, fire volcano, fire fans and all the fire that you can get
Theme dances from Cancan, Chinese, Burlesque, Hawaii, Hip hop, Brazilian and a hole lot other.
We strongly advise for the couple or just the Bride to be involved in our dance and dance with our dancers.