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What’s an event without a memorable souvenir

Most events need customization to fit the client’s needs. From product lunching to holidays celebrations, dinner themes and many others

Annual Events

Such events requires to follow a predefined theme and come up with a customized entertainment. Since they occur every year with almost the same audience, thus the ideas should not be repetitive.

We change teams, costumes and brand a new identity to those events. We can vary the themes from fire dance to led performances. outdoor events are preferred to be animated using fire shows like fire barrels, fire poi, fire hoop, fire fans, fire dragon, while indoor venues are more attractive with led dance entertainment like led drummers, led butterfly, led pixel poi, led robots.
If the concept of the event is more into royal or classic, we can use the acrobats dancers, either ribbon dancers on the floor or aerial shows. Human living statues can fit any style, and mostly used during the welcome drink.

Corporate Events

Corporate events is when we sometimes discover new products before they are even released in the market.

Most of these events require us working with the actual product in hand so that we can demonstrate its specification, or emphasis its values.
Customized dances are mostly used in these type of events.Even the welcome drink section can have unicycles, jugglers, mime artists. Any show to entertain the guests before the main event is the key.

Gala Dinners

Gala dinners is where our theme shows are most needed and our theatrical shows are most appreciated.

Those dinners are usually classical with speeches in the beginning of the evening, thus the need of a tableaux to fit the theme of the dinner while the guests are eating. usually interaction with the guests like the parade is not needed in these type of events. But instead, led show or led robots or even pixel show can be customized using the logo of the company or the related occasion.
For the guest entrance, human table or human statues, living statues or any accessory featuring a person statue or a model are the best choice. Jugglers, Mime, Unicycles or even stilt walkers are a good option for artist that can wonder between the guests to take pictures with them.



Here is where all the freestyle and acrobatic dancers are in high demand.

The weirder and sexier the better. Fire juggling, fire drums, fire hoop can be in continuous update for weekly performances. Led shows are always a wow factor specially when performed by professional dancers and international artists. Even oriental belly dancers are becoming a thing and not only for Arabic restaurants.


We can provide an on demand animators and entertainers for the kids from kids games, jugglers, mime, clowns, acrobats, stilt walkers. All the artists will be available for the kids.

The parade can even contribute in birthdays with the animators for special games

Private Parties

Private parties can vary from Bachelors, Birthdays to any special occasion.

On a boat, beach, in a ballroom, villa, or even castles we have been on every one